Rated 15 by the BBFC


Thriller following the attempts of a Western businessman to exorcise the ghosts of his dead family in Bangkok. Jeff Matthews (Cary Elwes) lost his wife and son in a car accident that also left him with severe injuries. When he awakes from a coma he faces a long road to recovery, but is disturbed to find that he struggles to feel anything - even about the loss of his family - and often sees bizarre shadowy figures that others tell him are the result of hallucinations. One of his carers, Choy (Ploy Jindachote), offers a different explanation based upon local beliefs: Jeff has left his soul with his wife and child and is torn between this world and the next. Believing that his life is in danger she leads him to Warren (William Hurt), a man who has led a similar path and believes in the existence of the shadows. Will he be able to help Jeff break free from the ghosts that haunt him?

Contains strong supernatural threat and gory images
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