|  Buy to Own: 21/02/2005
  |  92 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Horror about a psychotic college professor (John Saxon) who uses unwitting students as laboratory rats, injecting them with a drug that mutates them into gory killers. The film begins on a college campus in the late 60s where the mad professor once performed murderous atrocities under the aegis of a secret government eugenics project before being shot dead by one of his associates. Twenty years later, a string of murders indicate the professor's return from the dead. As it turns out, Saxon's experiments produced a drug which transformed him into a superhuman capable of manipulating the will of others. Intending to procure a hidden supply of the 'Nietzsche Drug' from the catacombs beneath the campus, the professor gathers a team of zombie slaves to do his bidding. Fortunately, Robert, a TV reporter (David Emge) is on the scene investigating Professor Jones. With the help of female student, Shelley, they might be able to bring Jones down.

Contains strong bloody violence
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