Hell's Ground

  |  Book Tickets: 11/03/2011
  |  Buy to Own: 04/08/2008
  |  78 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
Hell's Ground Film Poster


College kids embark on a road to nowhere as they become prey to zombies and a homicidal stalker in Pakistan's first gore-fest. It's terror all the way when five friends decide to leave the sanctuary of their city home and venture into the country to see their favourite band. Unfortunately for the lambs to the slaughter, their van soon breaks down, leaving them to find their way out of the dark forest. When the ground beneath them opens up to reveal a host of brain-devouring zombies, the terrified teens know they're in deep trouble, but their nightmare is only just beginning. The fun really starts when a blood-soaked, burqa-clad psychopath appears, ready to dispatch all with a mediaeval, gore-spattered mace.

Contains strong gory horror
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