Henry IV - Part 2: Globe Theatre

  |  Book Tickets: 12/08/2011
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  |  177 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Filmed performance of William Shakespeare's 'Henry IV - Part 2' at the Globe Theatre in London. When King Henry IV (Olivier Cotton) is confined to his bed with a serious illness it seems likely that his son, Hal (Jamie Parker), will shortly be anointed King. Hal's suitability for the role, however, concerns the present King even as his death approaches and Hal takes the decision to spend less time making merry with his friends in preparation for the responsibilities of leadership. Falstaff (Roger Allam), meanwhile, comes out of semi-retirement to raise a small militia. Now getting on in years, the rascal hopes his friendship with Hal will land him the comfortable retirement he seeks, but will Hal be true to his old allies when he finally puts on the crown?