Herbie Fully Loaded

  |  Book Tickets: 25/10/2005
  |  Buy to Own: 28/11/2005
  |  Watch Now: 31/08/2006
  |  96 min
Rated U by the BBFC


The world's wackiest Volkswagen is back in action in this family comedy. Maggie Peyton (Lindsay Lohan), the first Peyton to graduate from college receives a graduation present from her dad (Michael Keaton). But instead of a 250Z, she instead receives a Volkswagon Bug (Herbie) who soon takes over all of Maggie's driving. After having her best friend Kevin (Justin Long) restore Herbie, she goes to the car show and beats all-time racer Trip Murphy (Matt Dillon). He demands a rematch and attempts to discover the secret behind Herbie. After losing a big race to Trip because of Herbie's stubbornness, Maggie enters the Daytona 500. But will Herbie win?

Contains car stunts and very mild language
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