Heroes of War Collection: Volume 2

  |  313 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of WWII movies. Classic wartime propaganda thriller, 'Went the Day Well?' (1942), is based on Graham Greene's short story, 'The Lieutenant Died Last'. A platoon of German paratroopers plan to place a signalling device in an English village in preparation for an upcoming invasion. Disguised as British troops, all goes according to plan until vigilant local postmistress Mrs Collins (Muriel George) has her suspicions aroused by some clues left by the Germans. Unfortunately, respected villager Oliver Wilsford (Leslie Banks), the man who she informs of her suspicions, is actually a fifth columnist in league with the enemy. With the Germans now aware that the game is up, they quickly revert to their back-up plan and take the entire village hostage. As they try to maintain an appearance of normality in the village, the Germans soon find themselves beset by the heroic attempts of the villagers to raise the alarm to the outside world. 'Ice Cold in Alex' (1958), starring John Mills, takes place after the fall of Tobruk. Two English Army officers and two nurses drive an ambulance through occupied North Africa to Alexandria. They pick up a South African officer and more than once avoid capture and death whilst crossing the German lines and minefields laid on the way. However, as the South African officer begins to undermine their confidence, they come to suspect him of being a German spy. 'I Was Monty's Double' (1958) is based on a true story documented in the book by M.E. Clifton-James. In an effort to confuse the Nazis, an actor (played by M.E. Clifton-James himself) is forced to play Field Marshal Montgomery and is strategically positioned to cover the real man's tracks.