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  |  92 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Found footage horror in which a pair of young couples on holiday in rural England decide to try and capture the supernatural events that are the subject of local legend. When Emma (Emily Plumtree) and her fiancé Scott (Matt Stokoe) decide to take a trip to the remote cottage that belonged to her deceased grandfather, they invite James (Sam Stockman) and Lynn (Jessica Ellerby) along for the ride. James and Lynn are having relationship difficulties, a situation unlikely to benefit from the fact that James has had a crush on Emma since childhood, but more spectacular problems soon take centre stage. Drawn to film at an abandoned local monastery and a hollowed out old tree by the power of local myths, the curious foursome may well find that the tales they've been told are not as far-fetched as they seemed.

Contains strong language, brief nudity, drug references & sustained threat
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