Hollywood Comedy Collection: Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 30/04/2007
  |  591 min
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Box set featuring a selection of classic comedy movies and sketches. 'The Road to Rio' (1947) is a musical comedy adventure in which Scat Sweeney (Bing Crosby) and Hot Lips Burton (Bob Hope) find themselves on the run from the law once again, this time as stowaways on an ocean liner bound for Rio de Janeiro. When they come to the rescue of beautiful heiress Lucia Maria de Andrade (Dorothy Lamour), they are surprised at her ungrateful reaction - until they realise she has been hypnotised by her scheming Aunt Catherine (Gale Sondergaard). 'The Flying Deuces' (1939) is a slapstick comedy starring Laurel and Hardy. Oliver (Hardy) is heartbroken when he finds that Georgette, the inkeeper's daughter he's fallen in love with, is already married to dashing Foreign Legion officer Francois. To forget her, he joins the Legion, taking Stanley (Laurel) with him. Their bumbling eventually gets them charged with desertion and sentenced to a firing squad. They manage to escape in a stolen airplane, but crash after a wild ride. In 'At War With the Army' (1950) Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis star as a pair of song and dance men recruited to the army. They soon discover that they are not well suited to military service. Slapstick moments include a now-famous soda syphon scene. 'The Three Stooges Extravaganza' features over three hours of classic comedy sketches. 'The Ghost Breakers' is a comedy thriller starring Bob Hope. Mary Carter (Paulette Goddard) inherits her family's ancestral home, located on a small island off Cuba, and - despite a series of warnings and death threats - decides to take possession of its reputedly haunted castle. Radio personality Lawrence L. Lawrence (Hope), who has fled New York after a wrongful arrest for murder, becomes Mary's self-appointed protector. Finally, 'Africa Screams' (1949) is Abbott and Costello's final film together. When the pair find themselves on safari with a circus star (Clyde Beatty) they become convinced that a horde of treasure lies hidden somewhere in the wilderness.