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Rated PG by the BBFC


Feelgood 1950s deep south roadhouse movie from renowned director, John Sayles. In the backwaters of Alabama, owner of the 'Honeydripper Lounge', Tyrone 'Pine Top' Purvis (Danny Glover), faces financial ruin if he can't lure more customers away from his rival across the street. Hitting on a scheme to hire six string legend Guitar Sam for one make or break night, all bodes well until the day the train arrives and Magic Sam isn't on it due to his being taken ill. In desperation, Tyrone bails young migrant guitarist Sonny (Gary Clark Jr.), who claims to be as good as Guitar Sam, out of jail for one last throw of the dice. But can the kid really cut it and save the day, or is it the last call for alcohol?

Contains one scene of moderate violence and mild language
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