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  |  196 min
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Collection of three adventure movies. In 'Hook' (1991) busy American lawyer Peter Banning (Robin Williams) takes his family to London for a holiday with Granny Wendy (Maggie Smith). But the visit takes an unexpected turn when Peter's kids are abducted by the villainous Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman), forcing the lawyer to confront his past and accept that he is the grown-up Peter Pan. With the help of the fairy Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts), he then returns to Never-Never Land ready to confront his old crocodile-hating enemy and win back his family. 'Matilda' (1996) follows Matilda (Mara Wilson), an exceptionally gifted and intelligent child who is ignored by her parents Harry (Danny DeVito) and Zinnia (Rhea Perlman). A keen reader, her dearest wish is to be sent to school, but the establishment Harry selects is Crunchemhall, run by the ruthless Miss Trunchball (Pam Ferris). Miss Trunchball'S cruel ways soon cause Matilda to seek revenge, and her newly discovered telekinetic powers give her the chance to do so. Finally, in 'Jumanji' (1995) when Judy and Peter Shepherd (Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce) move into a new house with their mother Nora (Bebe Neuwirth), they discover a mysterious board game in the attic. But as they begin to play, each move releases wild animals along with Alan Parrish (Williams), a grown man who has been trapped inside the game since he was 12-years-old. Together they must seek out Alan's friend Sarah (Bonnie Hunt) and re-enter the game in order to send back all of the wild beasts.