Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere: Season 1 And 2

  |  Buy to Own: 09/06/2014
  |  606 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The first two seasons of the Japanese anime set in the distant future where nations battle for control on a barely inhabitable Earth. With space travel out of the question due to unknown reasons, the world's population flock to Japan, the only country left on the planet fit to live in. Tori Aoi (voice of Jun Fukuyama) is an eternally optimistic student who often finds himself at the heart of the various conflicts that break out in the over-populated nation. Season one episodes are: 'Those Lined Up Before the Horizon', 'Innocents at the Table', 'Commandos in Town', 'Covert Ops Under the Night Sky', 'Graduates Under the Moon', 'Advocate at the Confession Grounds', 'Musashi's Knight', 'Ruler of the Land', 'Summit's Flower', 'The Trumpeter at the Start Line', 'Musashi's Mr. Impossible', 'Opposition Against Crossing Over the Parallel Lines' and 'Those Lined Up Above the Horizon'. Season two episodes are: 'Members of the Vermilion Grounds', 'Herald On the Stage', 'Those Descending to the Surface', 'Ruler of the Theatre', 'The Hunting Ground's Humanitarians', 'The Man and Woman in the Plaza', 'Storyteller in the Hall', 'The Decision Maker On High', 'One Parting Under the Night Sky', 'Howler at the Theatre', 'Successful Candidate in the Flower Garden', 'Where the One Scarred By Swords Belongs' and 'The Greedy Ones Who Cross Borders'.