Horror Triple Collection

  |  253 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of three horror films. 'Skew' (2011) follows three friends who set out on a roadtrip in high spirits only for an ominous presence to gradually turn their dream into a nightmare. Simon Lacey (Rob Scattergood), Richard Harrison (Richard Olak) and Eva Hansen (Amber Lewis) have been looking forward to exploring the open road together for a long time and happily film their departure. However, when mysterious events contrive to put them under great stress, they are in danger of turning on each other and changing their holiday film into something else altogether. 'House of Bones' (2010) follows a group of reality TV ghost hunters led by Quentin (Corin Nemec) attempting to find out the validity of claims that the plantation home they are visiting is haunted. Soon after arrival, as crew members begin to go missing, the threat becomes very real to those involved and they are then charged with uncovering the home's secrets in order to survive the terrifying ordeal. 'Underground' (2010) follows soldiers Matt (Ross Thomas) and Storm (Adrian R'Mante) who return from Iraq only to find themselves fighting for their survival. After a night out celebrating their homecoming at an underground party, Matt, Storm and their friends get trapped in a military bunker. When they realise they are surrounded by vicious mutants developed for use in battle, they gather any weapons they can and fight in the hopes they will make it out alive.