Hostel Hostel: Part II Shrooms

  |  Buy to Own: 27/10/2008
  |  272 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of horror films. In 'Hostel' (2005), three backpackers are on a tour of Europe when they hear of a Slovakian youth hostel that is rumoured to provide some of the best hedonistic pleasures on the continent. When they arrive there, however, they are soon plunged into a living hell, as the hostel turns out to be the site of a horrific club where jaded rich people can pay huge sums of money to perform unspeakable tortures. In 'Hostel: Part II' (2007), while studying art in Rome for the summer, three young American women, Beth (Lauren German), Lorna (Heather Matarazzo) and Whitney (Bijou Phillips), are lured away to the same Slovakian hostel by the beautiful Eastern European model from their life drawing class. What they find there is a living hell as they are forced into servitude by an exclusive club that sells them off to the highest bidder, a sick and depraved pervert who ties them up, tortures them in all kinds of unthinkable ways and gets his kicks from watching the young women die a slow and painful death. Finally, in 'Shrooms' (2006), when five American students arrive in Ireland to go camping with their old college friend Jake (Jack Huston), they decide to try out the local magic mushrooms, apparently the best in the world. But after they start tripping, reality and imagination begin to blur, as Jake tells stories of mutilated bodies and unsolved murders. Soon, members of the group start to go missing, and panic sets in when they begin to think something, or someone, is stalking them. But is it all just a case of bad trip paranoia, or is there really a crazed madman in their neck of the woods?