Hotel of the Damned

  |  84 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Horror directed by Bobby Barbacioru and starring Peter Dobson and Louis Mandylor. After spending five years in prison Nicky (Mandylor) is determined to make amends with his daughter Eliza (Roxana Luca) now that he is free, but he returns only to find his daughter is not the little girl he once knew. She has left home and shacked up with drug dealer Bogdan (Bogdan Marhodin) but Nicky refuses to consider the possibility that his own ruinous life choices have led his daughter down this path. When Nicky and his friend Jimmy (Dobson) kidnap Bogdan and rescue Eliza from him they end up in a car accident and are forced to take refuge in an abandoned hotel. They soon realise however that they are not alone in the run-down building.