Hotori No Sakuko

  |  Book Tickets: 24/04/2015
  |  126 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Hotori No Sakuko Film Poster


Japanese drama written and directed by Kôji Fukada. 18-year-old student Sakuko (Fumi Nikaidô) joins her aunt Mikie (Mayu Tsuruta) to house-sit in a coastal town for the summer whilst preparing to resit her university entrance exam. But she becomes distracted after meeting Takashi (Taiga), a high school dropout who works in the local hotel belonging to Ukichi (Kanji Furutachi), a friend of Mikie's sister. Meanwhile, Mikie also has her important research disturbed by the arrival of a celebrity professor (Tadashi Otake) with whom she has been having an affair.