House: Season 1

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  |  990 min
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Hugh Laurie stars as irascible, troubled doctor Gregory House in this popular American television drama. Difficult to get along with, Dr House is often the only one who can solve medical cases that have other doctors baffled. In this series, House has to deal with a nun who believes she is suffering from stigmata, a woman suffering from what could be African sleeping sickness, and House reluctantly takes a bet to stay off his prescription Vicodin for a week. Episodes are: 'Pilot'; 'Paternity'; 'Occam's Razor'; 'Maternity'; 'Damned If You Do'; 'The Socratic Method'; 'Fidelity'; 'Poison'; 'DNR'; 'Histories'; 'Detox'; 'Sports Medicine'; 'Cursed'; 'Control'; 'Mob Rules'; 'Heavy'; 'Role Model'; 'Babies and Bathwater'; 'Kids'; 'Love Hurts'; 'Three Stories'; and 'The Honeymoon'.