How to Make Love to a Woman

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  |  87 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


US comedy following a young man's ill-fated attempts to please his girlfriend. Andy Conners (Josh Meyers) seems to have an almost perfect life. He works for a music company, Fearless Records, tasked with identifying up-and-coming talent, and is engaged to the beautiful Lauren Baker (Krysten Ritter). However Andy has been more than a little complacent. Not only has he neglected to tell Lauren that he loves her, but he belatedly discovers that his girlfriend doesn't think his skills in the bedroom are all that they might be. When Lauren's childhood flame, Daniel Meltzer (Ian Somerhalder), arrives on the scene, Andy desperately attempts to get his act together. Fortunately, his friends are only too happy to dispense advice on how to please a woman. But are they any more knowledgeable than he is?

Contains strong sex, sex references and language
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