Human Resources

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  |  100 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Human Resources Film Poster


Multi Cannes-award winning French film explores the depth of family ties as a young man is forced to fire his father. Franck (Jalil Lespert), a business student in Paris, returns to his hometown to do a year's practical internship at the factory his father (Jean-Claude Vallod) has worked at for 30 years. He renews ties with his family and is welcomed back to their bosom. The rosy glow soon diminishes when it appears his position is in the Human Resources department - the division charged with forcing the workforce to accept a rather unsavoury proposal and resolve a brooding labour dispute. The dispute soon becomes personal with father on one side and son on the other. Also included is a short film by director Laurent Cantet - 'Les Sanguinnaires' - in which a group of friends decide to flee Paris to escape the global countdown to the new millennium. They exile themselves on a remote island but the world can't be escaped that easily.

Contains strong language
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