Hyperdrive: Series 1 And 2

  |  Buy to Own: 13/08/2007
  |  177 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Hyperdrive: Series 1 And 2 Film Poster


All twelve episodes from the first two series of the sci-fi comedy following the adventures of HMS Camden Lock in the year 2151. Led by crotchety Commander Henderson (Nick Frost), the ship's mission is to promote and protect British interests in the galaxy, whilst encouraging aliens to re-locate their businesses to Peterborough. An odd mixture of crewmates includes the near psychotic First Officer York (Kevin Eldon), Diplomatic Officer Teale (Miranda Hart), who carries a torch for Henderson, and Enhanced Human Sandstrom, the pilot. Episodes include: 'A Gift From The Glish', 'Hello Queppu', 'Weekend Off', 'Asteroid', 'Clare', 'Assessment', 'Green Javelins', 'Admiral's Daughter', 'Artefact', 'Convoy', 'Dreamgate' and 'Harvest'.