I Dreamt Under The Water

  |  Buy to Own: 06/10/2008
  |  Watch Now: 29/12/2011
  |  103 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
I Dreamt Under The Water Film Poster


A young Parisian man's search for love leads him on a journey of self-discovery, in this first film from director Hormoz. When Alex (Franck Victor), the object of his affection, dies in his arms after a drugs overdose, struggling musician Antonin (Hubert Benhamdine) quickly goes off the rails, indulging in whatever sordid sexual escape he can. Cruising the Parisian gay nightspots, he quickly joins the ranks of the prostitutes, all the while desperately looking for love, while his clients treat him with derision. Things look bleak until the arrival on the scene of Julette (Caroline Ducey), but as Antonin is soon to find out, the path of true love doesn't always run smoothly.

Contains images of real sex
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