I Love You Again

  |  99 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
I Love You Again Film Poster


William Powell and Myrna Loy star in a screwball romantic comedy about asmall town businessman who recovers from a years-old case of amnesia,remembers his former of life as a con man ... and realizes that histown--and his wife--are perfect marks for a swindle.Alone on a cruise, Larry Wilson (Powell--The Thin Man films) knocks hishead. He returns home as his former self, George Carey, now pretendingto be Larry Wilson--and plotting to con the people of his small town outof their money. But his wife, Kay (Loy--The Thin Man films), who wasabout to ask for a divorce, is attracted to his newly amorous andsomewhat devious personality. She is even more interested when shediscovers his true self as a con artist, and their romance reignites.But when George again bumps his head, he reverts to his identity as thedull, respectable Larry ... or is this just another con by the masterswindler George?