I Love Your Work

  |  Buy to Own: 07/08/2008
  |  Watch Now: 26/11/2009
  |  111 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


The price of fame starts to haunt a film star in this dark psychological thriller. Gray Evans (Giovanni Ribisi) seems to have it all, a gorgeous film-star wife with a successful career, public adulation, and a glittering celebrity lifestyle. But in private, Gray's life is beginning to fall apart; his marriage is heading for the rocks, and he can't escape the feeling that he's become the target of a stalker. As his obsession takes hold, he meets a fan, video store assistant John (Joshua Jackson), whose life, and loving wife, Gary starts to envy, causing him to adopt the role of the stalker he so fears.

Contains strong language, sex and hard drug references
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