Ichi the Killer (Box Set)

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2006
  |  167 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set containing both the live action film adaptation and the anime spin-off of Hideo Yamamoto's intensely violent manga saga. The film version, by Japanese director Miike Takashi, is a deranged, perverse and teeth-gnashingly violent depiction of brutal sadism and copious blood spilling. Anjo, the boss of a Yakuza clan, has made off with all the clan's money, and the gang begin a merciless and bloody campaign to track him down, led by sado-masochism addict Kakihara who is suffering withdrawal symptoms from Anjo's incessant cruelty and violence. The main culprit emerges as Ichi, a mysterious psychopath with a dark childhood secret, who works for a retired Yakuza as an unstoppable killing machine. Kakihara is thrilled to have found a sadistic substitute for his departed boss, and is desperate to experience Ichi's ultimate brutality, even if it means death. The anime version, scripted by Yamamoto himself, reveals the roots of Ichi's seriously disturbing psychological problems, and shows how his inner rage surfaces at the slightest provocation with grotesque and bloody results.