Identity Gothika House Of Nine

  |  Buy to Own: 03/10/2005
  |  268 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple-bill of slasher and psychological horror. In 'Identity' (2003), when a sudden rainstorm in a remote town forces ten travellers to seek refuge in a strange desert motel run by the mysterious Larry (John Hawkes), the disparate group of guests begin losing their lives. Whilst the survivors struggle to find out who the killer is, they also begin to realise that each of them has a secret and that their arrival at the hotel was not merely by chance. In 'Gothika' (2003), Halle Berry plays Dr Miranda Grey, a criminal psychologist who awakens to find that she is a patient in the very institute where she formerly worked, with no memory of committing the murder of her husband and colleague, Dr Doug Grey (Charles S Dutton) of which she finds herself accused. Wondering if the nightmare that is unfolding might be linked to her clever, but deeply disturbed former patient Chloe (Penelope Cruz), Miranda tries to prove her sanity and innocence, but the doctor assigned to her case, Dr Pete Graham (Robert Downey Jr) remains unconvinced by her pleas. Finally, 'House of Nine' (2005) is a tense thriller featuring nine strangers with no apparent connection who are abducted, drugged, and sealed in a house together. Disoriented and angry, they are greeted by a voice on an intercom system: they are to be watched as they 'compete' for a prize of five million dollars. And the winner will be the only one who gets out.