Illegal Tender

  |  Buy to Own: 01/09/2008
  |  Watch Now: 08/08/2007
  |  103 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Gritty action thriller in which a teenager turns the tables on the gangsters who killed his father. Wilson DeLeon Jr (Rick Gonzalez) has never been forced to stand his ground. When his father was killed years before by gangsters, his mother Millie (Wanda de Jesus) was forced to flee the family home, vowing to give her sons the best possible life. Now, years later, the killers have returned to finish the job but this time they're in for a big surprise. With his mother determined to finally put the past to rest, Rick must step up to the plate and become the man his father always wished he would be. Now, armed and extremely dangerous, mother and son prepare for the final confrontation, determined to wreak havoc on the men who have blighted their lives.

Contains strong language and some strong violence
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