Inland Empire

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  |  172 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


David Lynch drama. Lynch breaks a long silence with a challenging piece of cinema about an actress going through some psychological trauma on the set of her latest film. Laura Dern plays Nikki Grace - an ingénue actress whose latest role - in a Tennessee Williams-esque fright of a film tests her to her limits. The director Kingsley Stewart (Jeremy Irons) is a cloying, creepy character. Grace is falling for her co-star Devon Berk (Justin Theroux) but if that was the central plot, this wouldn't be Lynch-land, would it? A parallel storyline shows an earlier attempt to make this film in Poland which ended in tragedy when the two lead players were offed. It's just shy of three hours of David Lynch at his eccentric, unpredictable best.

Contains strong language, moderate violence, sex and sex references
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