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  |  95 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Genre-crossing Chinese comedy starring Kevin Spacey and Daniel Wu. Plunged into despair thanks to his failing marriage to moody journalist Pang (Beibi Gong) and the pressure he is under from his bosses to lie for the sake of the company he works for, prosthetic engineer Li (Wu) contemplates suicide as a means of escaping his daily woes. However, before he can tie the noose around his neck, in walks his American neighbour and soon-to-be life mentor Chuck (Spacey). While mining the depths of Li's dissatisfaction, Chuck encourages him to free his mind and begin living authentically and the two become superhero vigilantes in the process, but as Li's fight against society's injustice comes to a head his grasp on reality begins to slip...

Contains a scene of hanging
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