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  |  105 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Insignificance Film Poster


Nicholas Roeg's widely acclaimed drama set in the '50s and featuring fictional likenesses of four of the decade's most recognisable icons. The film is largely a theoretical conversation between Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Joe McCarthy and Joe DiMaggio, though no names are ever mentioned. A busty blonde actress played by Theresa Russell is working on a film in which one shot involves her standing over a blowing fan grate. In her hotel she meets a seemingly bumbling, tousle-headed Harvard professor (Michael Emil) and the two engage in a conversation in which she explains the theory of relativity. Her husband, a pro ball player (Gary Busey) is madly in love with her but jealous to the point of madness. A barking mad, drunken, paranoid, zealous Wisconsin senator, played by Tony Curtis, is in the professor's room to impeach him on charges of un-American activities. Along the way, fascinating conversations develop between the characters.