|  Buy to Own: 28/08/2006
  |  108 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Intoxicating Film Poster


Low-budget drama. Dorian Stanley (Kirk Harris) is a young, charismatic heart surgeon with a dark side - he has an insatiable appetite for booze, drugs and one night stands. Though brilliant in the operating room, he violates the ethics of his profession by stealing pharmaceuticals which he barters for cocaine from his friend and dealer, Teddy (Eric Roberts). Further fuelling his downward spiral is the ongoing loss of his father, William (John Savage), a former prizefighter, to Alzheimer's. Since Dorian can heal his patients, but not his own father, he escapes through taking as many substances and having as many one night stands as he can endure. He's been high for so long that his perception of normal life looks and sounds like a nightclub, complete with flashing lights and surreal images.