Inu X Boku Secret Service: Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 12/08/2013
  |  312 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 12 episodes of the Japanese anime focusing on the decidedly strange residents that inhabit a mysterious mansion. With rumours abounding that it's actually haunted, the Maison de Ayakashi is in fact a heavily guarded facility where humans with non-human ancestry can live in peace. With each resident being assigned a secret service bodyguard, socially-challenged Ririchiyo, who hopes to find time to improve her interpersonal skills, moves in and is paired up with her bodyguard, Soushi, who, she quickly discovers, is not what he at first seems. The episodes are: 'The Dog and I, 'A Lonely Dog', 'The Real Contract', 'The Maison de Ayakashi Walk Rally', 'The Dragonfly of Spring', 'Rather Than Thinking', 'The Two's Night', 'Tea and Distance', 'The Promised Day', 'The Betraying Demon Fox', 'Dragonfly' and 'The Day We Became a Couple'.