Jack Hunter: Collection

Rated TBC by the BBFC


All three volumes of the treasure-seeking adventure mini-series. In 'The Lost Treasure of Ugarit' (2008), archaeologist and treasure seeker Jack Hunter (Ivan Sergei) travels to Syria to seek out priceless ancient artefacts buried by the Pharoahs, ending up battling with the Russian Mafia for the treasure and the glory. In 'The Quest for Akhenatens Tomb' (2008), Jack is informed that old flame and fellow archaeologist Lena Halstrom (Alaina Huffman) has discovered an obelisk in Egypt that may lead to the tomb of Akhenaton, the pharoah who raided Ugarit and stole its treasure along with the second piece of the Star of Heaven. After Jack deciphers secret symbols on the obelisk, he soon finds himself hunted by a group sworn to keep the location of the pharoah's last resting place secret. Finally, in 'The Star of Heaven' (2008), learning that his old adversary Albert Littman (Thure Riefenstein) has designs on the Eye of the Star of Heaven, Jack heads for Turkey, the last known location of the relic. Helped on his quest by local antiques dealer Nadia (Joanne Kelly), Jack soon manages to pick up the trail, only to be confronted by Littman's henchmen, leading to a deadly showdown in the lava fields of the Turkish mountains.