Jack Reed Box Set

  |  Buy to Own: 11/02/2008
  |  285 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
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Box set containing three movies starring Brian Dennehy as Chicago cop Jack Reed. In 'Death and Vengeance' (1996) Reed finds himself up against a Russian gang who are terrorising the city. Sergei is a mobster who runs 'The Young Wolves', a vicious street gang. He is responsible for local killings and extortion, but blames his simple-minded brother, Vasily. It is up to Reed to discover the truth and bring Sergei to justice. In 'A Search for Justice' (1994) Reed is determined to find the man who murdered a classy stripper. His search leads him to the door of an unscrupulous car dealer (Miguel Ferrer), but his hopes of making the arrest are troubled by the resistance of local law enforcement. The pressure of the case then begins to effect Reed's home life, so his wife Arlene (Susan Ruttan) takes matters into her own hands and steps in to help out. In 'One of Our Own' (1995) Reed investigates the murder attempt on a young woman. At the same time his partner is killed by the same hit-man who tried to kill the woman. Jack takes the woman into his home for protection until they find the hit-man. But he soon discovers that her ex-boyfriend, Phil Benner, a high ranking official in City Hall, ordered her death because she knew too much about his corrupt activities with city officials. When Benner is shot, he blames Reed and so he must prove his innocence.