James Bond: Ultimate Collection - Volume 3

  |  Buy to Own: 06/11/2006
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Third five-course helping of films featuring Ian Fleming's stylish, cool-under-fire secret agent-cum-ladies' man. In 'Goldeneye' (1995) Pierce Brosnan makes his 007 debut. Bond is sent to blow up a Soviet chemical weapons factory with agent 006 (Sean Bean). Nine years later, Bond becomes involved in the break-up of the Soviet Union and soon finds himself in a race for a vital piece of weaponry - the credit-card sized 'GoldenEye'. In 1981's 'For Your Eyes Only' the activating button for a nuclear launch is lost at sea and it's up to James to retrieve it. Roger Moore once again plays 007 in the first Bond film without an Ian Fleming credit. Highlights include a climb up a sheer rock-face; a car chase down a steep, winding mountain road; an underwater battle; and what might be the greatest of all Bond's celebrated ski chase sequences. 'From Russia With Love' (1963) sees Sean Connery return as agent Bond, once again saving the world from the terrorist threats of the SPECTRE organisation. Bond is sent to Istanbul to steal a Russian coding machine, but comes up against two fearsome opponents also interested in the device. In 'Live And Let Die' (1973) Roger Moore plays 007 for the first time, bringing a new camp sensibility to the series while presiding over the usual quota of eyebrow-raising action and unusual gadgets. The mission this time is to crack a voodoo-controlled drug smuggling racket in the Caribbean, and Bond sets about the task with his customary verve, finding time for speedboat chases and crocodile encounters along the way. 1969's 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service saw James Bond played by George Lazenby. 007 hands in his licence to kill after being banned from hunting down his arch-nemesis Blofeld (Telly Savalas). Continuing his investigations alone, he follows a lead to Portugal, meets and falls in love with Tracey Draco (Diana Rigg), and is told by her crimelord father that Blofeld is now in Switzerland. Pretty soon it's snow, kilts, girls, secret bases and ski chases, as Bond chases down his enemy and stop the customary weapon of mass destruction.