Jane B. By Agnès V.

  |  Book Tickets: 01/01/1988
  |  Watch Now: 13/10/2010
  |  97 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Jane B. By Agnès V. Film Poster


A woman is variable. Yet can one be more so than Jane Birkin? In this kaleidoscopic film made of various fictions, during various seasons, she plays various parts including her own (with a sense of humor): Jane…d’Arc, Calamity Jane, Jane Tarzan and Jane Gainsbourg. The film is a charming game. You’ll have to find out who that unknown woman is: she is a vamp with Philippe Léotard, a clown with Laura Betti, a young woman of the sixties with Jean-Pierre Léaud, a sentimental singer with Serge Gainsbourg, and a nostalgic lover with Alain Souchon. Jane gives an amazingly multiple performance in this unique film. Famous under the name of Jane B., she allowed Agnès V. to film her as a variable model.