|  Buy to Own: 09/07/2012
  |  140 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Historical drama that brings to life the legend of Janosik, a robber with morals in the mould of Robin Hood. The film finds Janosik (Václav Jirácek) at a moment of crisis in his life. Weakened and demoralised by his efforts in war and left desolate by the loss of his true love, the young man feels he has little choice other than to join a group of brigands. However, though he may be a thief in the eyes of the law, Janosik is determined to adhere to a personal code and makes it a point of principle never to kill anyone he robs. Janosik's bravery and leadership skills swiftly earn him the respect of his fellow brigands and allow him to exert a positive influence on the group - with the exception of the violent and envious Huncaga (Michal Zebrowski). Will Janosik be able to survive Huncaga's plotting and lead his men towards a more honourable life?