|  Book Tickets: 25/12/2008
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  |  126 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Bollywood drama. 20-year-old Akash Verma (Adhyayan Suman) dreams of being a successful singing sensation but in reality he is yet to find the voice which will take him to the top. He lets his older sister Nisha (Shahana Goswami) support him while he freeloads through life as a struggling musician up to the point where she becomes the mistress of rich businessman, Aman Bajaj (Humayun Saeed). It is only after he has hit rock bottom that he realises what he has become and faces up to his meagre existence. He hates what his sister has had to do in order to support him and he hates Aman even more. Ironically, while he is at his lowest point it is Sara (Anjana Sukhani), Aman's sister, who helps him find the courage to follow his dream. Driven by the harsh realities of life's lessons and the support of Sara, Akash finally discovers himself and his voice and becomes an overnight star.