Jaywick Escapes

  |  Book Tickets: 08/06/2012
  |  Watch Now: 16/09/2014
  |  48 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Jaywick Sands, Essex. In this forgotten slice of Britain, time slows down. Once the favourite holiday destination for London's East enders, Jaywick is now a community riddled with high levels of crime, unemployment, and anti-social behaviour. But for many of its residents, it is a place to escape the temptations of big city life, to contemplate past mistakes, to hatch new plans…In Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie’s atmospheric film, we step into the pretty seafront cottages to witness life through the eyes of a handful of Jaywick's residents. Teenager Mac roams the town, harbouring a family secret. Born and bred in Jaywick, he’s dismayed that the community has been recently named the most deprived place in the UK. Widowed Nick has returned to Jaywick to begin a new life, but finds himself haunted by bittersweet memories as he roams the boardwalks. Meanwhile, Sara hopes to finally kick away shadows from her past life and get her children back.