Jeff, Who Lives at Home

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  |  79 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Indie comedy starring Jason Segel and Ed Helms as a pair of brothers with very different problems who find themselves bound together on one manic day. Jeff (Hegel) is a bit of a slacker. He still lives at home with his mother, Sharon (Susan Sarandon), whose chief birthday wish appears to be that her laziest son will get off the couch and go and do an errand for her. However, out in the unfamiliar territory of the real world, Jeff soon gets sidetracked. He bumps into his distant older brother, Pat (Helms), who has become convinced that his wife, Linda (Judy Greer), is cheating on him. Together the brothers attempt to discover the truth about Linda and to please their mother on her special day - and may well learn a thing or two along the way.

Contains strong language and drug use
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