Jim - The James Foley Story

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  |  107 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Jim - The James Foley Story Film Poster


Documentary about the life of American journalist James Foley who was killed by ISIS in 2014. Through interviews with his family, friends and colleagues, the film explores Foley's career as a journalist which he began relatively late at the age of 35 after a short stint teaching. They discuss his work in the Middle East, his mission to expose the region's human rights crises and his earlier capture in Libya by Gaddafi loyalist forces. Survivors and fellow detainees of his second capture in Syria in 2012 recount their experiences of the lengthy ordeal, the negotiations and rescue attempt and the events of Foley's final days before discussing his legacy. Footage shot by Foley himself is also included to provide an insight into his work and experiences as a freelance war correspondent.

strong language, images of real dead bodies, real injury detail
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