Jodorowsky's Dune

  |  Book Tickets: 04/10/2013
  |  87 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC


Frank Pavich directs this documentary about Alejandro Jodorowsky's plans to turn Frank Herbert's award-winning novel 'Dune' into a film. In 1975 Jodorowsky began pre-production on the film, making decisions on cast, crew and music, writing an ambitious script and creating imaginative storyboards. Due to financial reasons, Jodorowsky's unique vision was never realised but he is credited with having inspired later sci-fi productions such as 'Star Wars' and 'Alien'. The documentary includes interview footage with the man himself as well as his son Brontis, Amanda Lear, H. R. Giger, Nicolas Winding Refn, Michel Seydoux and Chris Foss, among others.

moderate sex references, drug references
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