Joey Crocodile Hunter Good Boy!

  |  Buy to Own: 03/10/2005
  |  262 min
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Triple-bill of children's features. In 'Joey' (1997), Joey is a young kangaroo whose parents are captured by hunters and placed in an amusement park. Befriended by Billy MacGregor (Jamie Croft), the young 'roo hides out in a treehouse until Billy makes the decision to travel to Sydney and rescue Joey's parents. The duo are helped by Linda Ross (Alex McKenna), the daughter of US Ambassador Ted Ross (Ed Begley Jr), as they journey from the outback to the big city. 'Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course' (2002) is a big screen spin-off from Steve Irwin's popular 'Crocodile Hunter' TV series. When a NASA satellite explodes in space, two CIA agents hurry to collect its jettisoned surveillance beacon, which has landed somewhere in Australia. Meanwhile, wildlife experts Steve and Terri Irwin are on the trail of a 12-foot crocodile which has been attacking cows in North Queensland. After they finally capture the beast, Steve and Terri discover that it has swallowed the beacon the US agents seek; but the Americans then mistake the Irwins for enemy agents, leading to further trouble for the intrepid Crocodile Hunter. Finally, in 'Good Boy!' (2003), thousands of years ago dogs were sent to Earth to spy on the human race in preparation for a full-scale invasion and take-over. However they have all forgotten their mission and Canid 3942 (voiced by Matthew Broderick) is sent from the planet Sirius to investigate. Canid meets Owen Baker (Liam Aitken), a young boy who provides a dog-walking service. Owen renames Canid as Hubble and the two become friends. Hubble asks Owen to help him get the dogs on Earth into shape before the Great Dane arrives to inspect them - because if they fail the inspection they will all have to leave Earth.