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  |  93 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Drama starring Dennis Patrick, Peter Boyle and Susan Sarandon in her first major film role. Patrick stars as Bill Compton, a wealthy New York businessman whose daughter Melissa (Sarandon) overdoses on drugs and ends up in rehab. Bill responds by violently murdering her drug-dealing boyfriend Frank (Patrick McDermott). After the murder, Bill wanders the streets for a while before eventually stopping at a bar where he meets a bigoted factory worker named Joe (Boyle). Joe hates hippies, black people and anyone else who is 'different' and when Bill decides to confess his violent crime to him, he is full of admiration. When Melissa runs away, Bill and Joe, joined together by their hatred of the counterculture, go in search of her, leading to a violent climax.

Contains hard drug use and sexualised violence
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