John Carpenter's Vampires Frankenstein Wolf

  |  Buy to Own: 02/10/2006
  |  346 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set containing three popular horror movies. In 'John Carpenter's Vampires' (1998), when Jack Crow's (James Woods) team of mercenary vampire hunters is slaughtered by the master vampire Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith), he teams up with Montoya (Daniel Baldwin) to fight back. Their only link to Valek is the beautiful, psychic prostitute Katrina (Sheryl Lee), and with her help they set out to confront the ultimate evil. In 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein' (1994), obsessed with creating life, Victor Frankenstein (Branagh) harnesses the power of electricity in order to reanimate the body of a once-dead criminal (Robert De Niro). When he then witnesses the abhorrence of this reborn creature, Frankenstein is appalled and quickly abandons it. However, the creature is aware of its origins and comes looking for revenge. Finally, in 'Wolf' (1994), driving alone one freezing night in Vermont, fading publishing executive Will Randall (Jack Nicholson) hits a wolf and thinks it is dead. When he gets out of his car to investigate, the wolf bites him. Will later finds that his hearing and sense of smell have become extraordinarily heightened. He also develops the killer instinct at work, but begins to suffer nocturnal blackouts, and soon has trouble controlling his new-found predatory instincts.