John Wayne: All American Hero

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Collection of films featuring John Wayne. In 'West of the Divide' (1934), Ted Hayden (Wayne) has to imitate a criminal to become a member of Gentry (Lloyd Whitlock)'s gang to discover that Gentry was the man who killed his father, and vows revenge. Along the way he saves a woman's ranch and finds his long-lost brother. In 'The Man from Utah' (1934), John Weston (Wayne) is asked by the local sheriff to investigate the deaths of a number of rodeo riders. He soon uncovers the crooked antics of the rodeo sponsor, who makes sure winning horsemen don't live to collect their prizes. In 'The Star Packer' (1934), Wayne stars as a tough cowboy who infiltrates a gang of outlaws in order to track down the man responsible for the murder of his family. In 'Blue Steel' (1934), a town is held to ransom by a band of outlaws when gold is discovered. All looks grim until US Marshal John Carruthers (Wayne) comes on the scene and stands up to them. In 'The Angel and the Badman' (1947), Quart Evans (Wayne), ex-deputy sheriff of Wyatt Earp, is now a rough and ready gunslinger. After being injured in a shootout, Evans is taken in and nursed by a Quaker family. He finds himself falling for the daughter (Gail Russell), and attempts to give up gunslinging. However, a determination to bring a group of murderers to justice threatens his new-found peace of mind. 'John Wayne On Film' (1998) takes a look at Wayne's film career and in 'The American West of John Ford' (1971), Wayne, James Stewart and Henry Fonda pay homage to the renowned Western director, John Ford.