John Wayne Collection: 2

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A collection of ten classic westerns starring John Wayne. In the later comedy 'McLintock!' (1963), cattle baron George Washington McLintock (Wayne) will stop at nothing to regain the affections of his estranged wife (Maureen O'Hara). Adapted from a twelve part serial, 'Hurricane Express' (1932) sees a very young John Wayne pitted against an unknown powerful individual who is out to sabotage a railroad. In 'Riders of Destiny' (1933), singin' Sandy Saunders (Wayne) is the most notorious gunman since Billy the Kid. Riding into town he finds the local ranchers being victimised by the land-grabbing villain who controls the water supply and wants their land. What can a notorious gunman do but get involved? In 'The Lawless Frontier' (1934), Wayne stars as a tough cowboy who teams up with a woman and her elderly father to avenge the murder of his parents. 'Paradise Canyon' (1935) is an early short starring the Duke as an undercover government agent assigned to a case to thwart a gang of counterfeiters. In 'West of the Divide' (1934), Ted Hayden (Wayne) has to imitate a criminal in order to become a member of Gentry (Lloyd Whitlock)'s gang to discover that Gentry was the man who killed his father, and vows revenge. Along the way he saves a woman's ranch and finds his long-lost brother. 'Sagebrush Trail' (1933) sees John Brant (John Wayne) escaping from his cell and joining a bunch of desperadoes after being wrongly imprisoned on a murder charge, in an attempt to find the true murderer. But a member of the gang is jealous of Brant's interest in a girl and is suspicious that he might be a traitor. A shootout must take place before the truth is revealed, and Brant realises the killer he seeks is closer than he thinks. In 'Dawn Rider' (1935) John Mason (Wayne) learns a bitter lesson when he witnesses his father being shot down in an express office hold up. Determined to bring the desperadoes to justice, Mason hunts them down - but is wounded as he does so. His reward is to be nursed back to health by the beautiful Alice Gordon (Marion Burns). 'Neath the Arizona Skies' (1934) sees Wayne in an early screen appearance, starring as a tough cowboy who takes an abandoned young Native Indian girl into his protection. In 'Texas Terror' (1935), Sheriff John Higgins (Wayne) follows three men responsible for a hold-up at Wells Fargo to the ranch of his oldest friend, Dan Matthews. When Matthews is killed by the outlaws, Higgins mistakenly believes himself to be responsible, and quits his job as sheriff. When Dan's daughter Bess (Lucile Browne) comes to claim her inheritance, she asks Higgins to help prove that Dan was not part of the hold-up.