John Wayne Collection: Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 20/09/2004
  |  311 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Six early John Wayne films. In 'The Desert Trail' (1935), Wayne stars as a championship rodeo rider who finds himself falsely accused of being a bank robber, and must battle to clear his name. In 'The Lucky Texan' (1934), Wayne plays Jerry Mason, a young Texan who becomes partners with an old rancher, Jake Benson (George 'Gabby' Hayes). The pair strike it rich with a gold mine, but their lives become complicated when they attract the attention of the bad guys and a woman (Barbara Sheldon). In 'The Man from Utah' (1934), John Weston (Wayne) is asked by the local sheriff to investigate the deaths of a number of rodeo riders. He uncovers the crooked antics of the rodeo sponsor, who makes sure that winning horsemen don't live to collect their prizes. In 'Riders of Destiny' (1933), Singin' Sandy Saunders (Wayne) is the most notorious gunman since Billy the Kid. Riding into town he finds the local ranchers being victimised by the land-grabbing villain who controls the water supply and wants their land. What can a notorious gunman do but get involved? Wayne stars in 'Sagebrush Trail' (1933) as John Brant, an accused killer in search of the real culprit. On the run from the law, Brant teams up with gunslinger Jopeph 'Jones' Conlon (Lane Chandler), never suspecting that Jones is in fact the man he is looking for... In 'West of the Divide' (1934), Ted Hayden (Wayne) infiltrates Gentry's (Lloyd Whitlock) gang and discovers that Gentry was the man who killed his father. Vowing revenge, his subsequent actions lead him to save a woman's ranch and find his long-lost brother.