John Wayne Collection: Volume 2

  |  Buy to Own: 20/09/2004
  |  317 min
Rated U by the BBFC


Six early John Wayne films. In 'The Lawless Frontier' (1934), Wayne stars as a tough cowboy who teams up with a woman and her elderly father to avenge the murder of his parents. In 'Neath the Arizona Skies' (1934), Wayne stars as a cowboy who takes an abandoned young Native Indian girl into his protection. 'Paradise Canyon' (1935) is an early short in which the Duke stars as an undercover government agent who is assigned to a case to thwart a gang of counterfeiters. In 'Randy Rides Alone' (1934), Wayne plays Randy Bowers who, wrongly accused of murder and robbery, is released from jail to track down the real villains. With Matt the Mute at its head, the gang leads Randy into some tricky situations but gives him the opportunity to twirl his six-shooter with professional ease before proving his unrivalled marksmanship. In 'The Trail Beyond' (1934), Wayne stars as a tough cowboy who takes on a villainous gang after they kidnap a young girl and take control of a gold mine. In 'Lawless Range' (1935), would-be rodeo star John Middleton (Wayne) becomes sidetracked when his father asks him to help a friend in trouble, Hank Mason. When Middleton helps prevent a saloon robbery he finds himself recruited by the Marshall, who tells him that Mason has disappeared. It is all down to the Butch Martin gang, and Middleton sets about bringing the villains to justice.