John Wayne Collection: Volume 3

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  |  314 min
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Six early John Wayne films. In 'Blue Steel' (1934), a town is held to ransom by a band of outlaws when gold is discovered. All looks grim until John Carruthers (Wayne) comes on the scene and stands up to them. The film co-stars George 'Gabby' Hayes and Eleanor Hunt. In 'The Dawn Rider' (1935), John Mason (Wayne) learns a bitter lesson when he witnesses his father being shot down in an express office hold up. Determined to bring the desperadoes to justice, Wayne hunts them down - but is wounded as he does so. His reward is to be nursed back to health by the beautiful Alice (Marion Burns). In 'The Star Packer' (1934), Wayne stars as a tough cowboy who infiltrates a gang of outlaws in order to track down the man responsible for the murder of his family. In 'Texas Terror' (1935), Sheriff John Higgins (Wayne) follows three men responsible for a hold-up at Wells Fargo to the ranch of his oldest friend, Dan Matthews. When Matthews is killed by the outlaws, Higgins mistakenly believes himself to be responsible, and quits his job as sheriff. When Dan's daughter comes to claim her inheritance, she asks Higgins to help prove that Dan was not part of the hold-up. In 'Frontier Horizon' (1939), Wayne stars as Stony Brooke, an honest man who, along with the Three Mesquiteers, is subject to a crooked property deal in which some prospectors are trying to get the good guys to exchange their land. In 'Hell Town' (1938), cowhand Dare Rudd (Wayne) likes to gamble more than anything, and this earns him the disapproval of his socially-upstanding cousin Tom Fillmore (Johnny Mack Brown). In fact, Dare and Tom don't see eye-to-eye on anything, and seem happy to keep out of each other's way. But then Dare falls for Tom's girl, and things starts to get complicated...