John Wayne: Wayne in Action

  |  Buy to Own: 15/11/2004
  |  540 min
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Six action adventures starring American film legend John Wayne. 'The Spoilers' (1942) is a romantic adventure set during the 1900 gold rush, co-starring Marlene Dietrich and Randolph Scott. Miner Roy Glennister (Wayne) and his partner Al Dextry (Harry Carey) are prospectors who have travelled to Alaska to stake their claim. However, their plans are continually scuppered by crooked gold commissioner Alexander McNamara (Scott). Things are further complicated when saloon girl Cherry Malotte (Dietrich) becomes embroiled in the conflict between Glennister and McNamara. In 'Tycoon' (1947), engineer Johnny Munroe (Wayne) is hired by millionaire Frederick Alexander to build a railway tunnel through the Andes. The two clash when Munroe begins a romance with Alexander's daughter Maura (Laraine Day). In 'Wake of the Red Witch' (1948), Captain Gordon (Wayne) commands the elegant schooner the 'Red Witch'. When the owner commands him to set sail for an East Indian island in search of treasure, Gordon complies. However, treachery is in the air, and Gordon becomes a man driven by a thirst for revenge to disregard both his own safety and that of his ship. 'The Conqueror' (1956)is a lavish epic historical adventure set in 13th century Asia. Wayne stars as Mongol chieftain Temujin, better known as Ghengis Khan. Susan Hayward co-stars as Bortai, the Tartar princess who is captured by Ghengis Khan and eventually falls in love with him. In 'The Magnificent Showman' (1964), Matt Masters (Wayne) is a circus owner who has to start from scratch when his ship sinks in the Barcelona harbour. Starting up a Wild West act, he takes under his wing Toni Alfredo (Claudio Cardinale), a trapeze artist whose mother Lili (Rita Hayworth) has abandoned her. Seeking Lili out in a Hamburg bar, Masters obtains her a job in the circus anonymously, so that she can get to know her daughter. Finally, in the romantic action adventure 'Hellfighters' (1968), a tribute to the oilfield fire-fighting legend 'Red' Adair, Wayne plays Chance Buckman, a colourful Texan who tames out-of-control oil fires in exotic locations around the world. Between blazes he carries the torch for the wife who left him 20 years earlier...