John Wayne's Westerns Collection

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Collection of John Wayne Westerns. In 'Sagebrush Trail' (1933), wrongly imprisoned on a murder charge, John Brant (Wayne) escapes from his cell and joins a bunch of desperadoes in an attempt to find the true murderer. But a member of the gang is jealous of Brant's interest in a girl and is suspicious that he might be a traitor. In 'Randy Rides Alone' (1934), Randy Bowers (Wayne) finds himself accused of a crime he didn't commit and, on his release from prison, sets about tracking down the real villains. In 'Blue Steel' (1937), a town is held to ransom by a band of outlaws when gold is discovered. In 'The Lucky Texan' (1934), young Texan Jerry Mason (Wayne) partners up with an old rancher, Jake Benson (George Hayes), and they strike it rich with a gold mine. Their lives become complicated, however, when they attract unwanted attention. Finally, 'The Man from Utah' (1934), John Weston (Wayne) is asked by the local sheriff to investigate the deaths of a number of rodeo riders. He uncovers the crooked antics of the rodeo sponsor, who makes sure winning horsemen don't live to collect their prizes.